International Adult and Continuing Education Hall of Fame
European Chapter (HOFE)

Induction Ceremony Bamberg, Germany, Sept. 27, 2006

The new inductees from left to right:
Franz Poeggler, Professor, Univerity of Aachen (Germany),
Michael Eraut, professor at the University of Sussex (Great Britain),
Tom Schuller, Director of CERI (France), Professor London and Edinurgh (Great Britain),
Dusan Savicevic, Professor, Univerity of Belgrade (Yugoslavia),
Joachim Knoll, Professor, University of Bochum (Germany),
Heribert Hinzen, Director of IIZ/DVV Institute for International Cooperation of the German Adult Education AssociationI / DVV-International (Germany),
Peter W.J. Schramade, practitioner, writer and editor (The Netherlands),
Rita Suessmuth, Professor, former President of German Parliament, President DVV (Germany),
Alfredo Soeiro (Portugal), continuing education representative of the Universidade do Porto (Portugal), founder of professional continuing education associations/organizations,
Alan Tuckett, Director NIACE (Great Britain),
Ekkehard Nuissl, Professor, Director German Institute for Adult Education (Germany),
Paul Belanger, former Directur of UIL, Professor (Canada),
Roger Morris, Professor University of Technology Sydney (Australia).
post mortem: Reginald (Reg) Revans, Professor and Developer (Great Britain).